FREE Guide to Help Your Child Stay in Bed Once and for All

A gentle and effective method for sleep coaching toddlers and preschoolers

Learn How You Can Coach Your Child to Sleep Without Crying-It-Out, Power Struggles, or Headaches:

  • Strategic tips for helping your child fall asleep
  • Gentle advice to help your child adjust to the change in routine
  • Simple, easy-to-implement strategies that work   
  • Proven technique that will produce far less tears than other options

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Gently Teach Your Child to Go to Sleep and Stay in Bed All Night Long!

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I know you're tired, and you need help NOW. That's why I've created this 100 percent FREE e-book, just for you. Use my tips and years of experience to help get your household moving toward better sleep habits TONIGHT.

Stop Power Struggles

Learn how to get your child to work WITH you during the sleep coaching process. Your FREE e-book contains simple, effective strategies that will work for your family.

Gentle Sleep Solutions

My method is proven and gentle, and has helped to resolve the sleep problems of tens of thousands of families. No crying-it-out, no bargaining, just simple, effective sleep solutions.

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